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helping entrepreuners achieve success from the inside out.

arizona + worldwide

I am an author, speaker + mentor. Wife to Seth, coffee and houseplant lover.

Together, we will focus on:
1. Identifying what success looks like to you.
2. Clarifying what those non-negotiables are. 
3. Create actionable steps that will help you reach your big goals with ease, without sacrificing your precious time with the ones you love.

When you work with me, you can expect to feel seen, inspired, encouraged, and empowered. A little less on your weight on your shoulders and a little more joy in your heart. 

I  help business owners  achieve success on their terms, and lead their team well. without sacraficing time with the ones who matter the most.

Hi, I'm Hope Celeste!

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An entrepreneurs guide to thriving from the inside out.

Success Workshop

Leave your event attendees with hope (no pun intended), inspiration, strategy and inspiration. To lead, to achieve the success that they desire and to make a difference. They will not only be encouraged but have actionable steps to use in their life & career to see a difference long after your event is over. 


You can't go after your goals if you don't know where you're going. Book a Success Workshop for your team, or community. To help define what's import, those non negotiables. So that when you achieve success you recognize it! 


Business Consulting

If you KNOW you need to scale your business, implement strategies, create a sustainable busines  but can't imagine adding more to your plate. Then this is exactly what you need taking off your plate and adding joy back in. This is for the owner who can do it all but is ready to not to.


Speak at your next event 

I do believe in working hard. Even more I believe in priorities. I believe in trust. That when you've done your best you sit back. 
That taking care of your body is protecting your biggest business asset. Trusting that every problem will be solved. That spending time with your family is investing into your legacy. That is the BEST investment you can ever make. 

It's time to rewrite the narrative that says if want to be successful you sacrifice everything. I don't believe in that.

It's my mission to help you to see every challenge with the lens of hope, innovation and possibility. To boldly give your very best, to take up space and for you to take your seat at the table. It's saved just for you.

For you to confidently know, anchored in your soul what a gift you are. For your life, family and finances being better because of your business. Not suffering because of it.

That's what I believe. 

I don't believe in hustle

tara dunn - brand photographer

 Before working together, my schedule was not reflecting my priorities and I was not feeling fulfilled. Hope's guidance gave me clarity and helped me to define my priorities. Now I have breathing room!!! Finding more balance and space to have my schedule not run my life with only working events. ABSOLUTELY work with Hope!!! She is a gem and will be there to support you in any way.

Defined my priorities!

kirstin baxter - Empathetic Clarity Coach

"with Hope's guidance, encouragement and strategies, I have had my 1-on-1 coaching slots filled, I successfully launched a group program, and I've even successfully launched an email newsletter and YouTube channel. I appreciate the reminders to stay connected to my heart, my insights, and my strengths-the things that will help me find the biggest success. Hope's coaching really is a vital part of my success and I am so grateful for her!"

vital part of my success!

Anita Shenk- Vitality Reawakened

I can't recommend working with Hope enough, she is the calm in the chaos and the guide we all need to truly turn our passions into profit while staying true to ourselves!

Calm in the chaos!

Karen pepe -  POsitivity growth coach

Hope has a unique knack of helping you dig deep and find out what you truly are passionate about and how to use your strengths to create a thriving business.
Her insights, coaching and encouragement were invaluable in helping me start a second business that I hadn’t even imagined when we first started working together. I created a website, held my first retreat, workshops and now a course for my clients. I know I never would have done it without Hope as my coach.

I never would have done it without Hope

trina holden - Freedom to thrive.

Working with Hope gave me a shortcut to success in multiple areas. I doubled my launch because of her! Working with Hope raised my belief in the value I have to offer. Before talking with her, I felt like I was winging it, and now I have the confidence that I know what I need to do to succeed. I needed to step into my identity and my level of experience, and in doing so, I've found my sweet spot again! 

"I've found my sweet spot again!"