I am Hope Celeste.
I'm an author, speaker and mentor, I am passionate about helping you succeed in your life + business. I live in Arizona with the love of my life - my husband, Seth. I am an expert popcorn maker, I laugh at my own jokes, and Christmas is my fav-or-ite! And while I can't remember if we need more butter in the fridge, I will remember all of the birthdays. ALL OF THEM.

I adore helping business owners succeed on their own terms but even more than that, I LOVE reminding them that there is always a solution and nothing is ever hopeless. 

I am here to help you rediscover what success looks like to you, create a schedule you love, and help you dream big for your life and  business. I firmly believe that when you get clear about what you're working towards, the process to get there is easier with less guilt and pressure along the way.

So great to meet you.

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Have you ever ever said "I love my business"?

Same, I've said it and meant it. It's meaningful work we do, otherwise, we wouldn't be doing it.

But let's pretend that our business was a significant other shall we? Imagine yourself pouring hours and hours, doing everything you possibly can to "make it work". Skipping meals, stopping your workout routine, and spending all your energy to "fix" it. Stressing over losing what you have.

Yet, this is normal business owner behavior.

It's easy to look at our business with the lens that it's just easier to do it yourself, that it's all on your shoulders and releasing control is not an option. But your business can't love you back. It's only a tool, to bring impact, transformation, and income. The second you allow yourself to be supported and embody the role of CEO you are and put the business back to where it was always supposed to be, that's when everything shifts.

It's not your baby, your partner, or even a best friend. It's only a tool.

One that with the right support is working for you, instead of you working for it.

What steps do you need to take do to be FULLY SUPPORTED in your business?
Chances are you already know what you need to do.

Now it's time to go do it.
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 support is waiting for you. 

Your business doesn't love you back

• I have deep love for 80's rock ballads. My go to Karaoke song is "Alone" by Heart.

• I have a passion for travel and I’ve done a lot of it! A few of my favorite places are France, Uganda, and Tanzania! My goal is to learn how to say “hope” in every language. So far I know “tumaini”(Swahili), “espérance”(French), and “esperanza” (Spanish).

• I am short - 5'1 to be exact! Tongs are my secret weapon - I use them to get things down from the middle or top shelf of my cupboards..

Fun Facts About Me!

Ever since I was a kid, I have been mentoring and teaching - I just didn't realize it. My friends always came to me for advice and encouragement - whether they needed help with relationships or their walk with God. What I loved back then - encouraging, guiding, strategizing and teaching - are the same things I love about it today.

So, how did I get here?

•In 2001, I began mentoring women through a variety of mission, leadership and humanitarian efforts.

• In 2010-2016, Created SOP's for a successful adventure company in the Redwoods of Northern California, while running their reservations and customer service dept.

• 2015-2019, I mentored a team of individuals as they started their networking marketing businesses. While I enjoyed this work, I knew that I wanted to go beyond the limitations of the industry I was in.

• In 2019, I embraced coaching full-time and took a position with a brand and marketing coaching company. Paired that with my operations and client experience skills and I quickly rose to executive leadership position.

•In 2020, I lost my job. I decided to take the leap and listened to what my heart had been telling me for years. I started writing my book Inside Success and  I launched Hope Howland Coaching with the vision of helping leaders and entrepreneurs thrive in business and in life. 

HOW I got A here

Curious if support is exactly what you need?